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Welcome to the Bozzi Ecosystem

Bozzi the net demand ecosystem

The Bozzi ecosystem helps applications engage and reward their users. Applications are supercharged with usage-driving incentives, which grow ecosystem apps’ userbases. When apps succeed, the ecosystem succeeds.

It is hard for new applications to go up against a few big players. Consider Meta’s Facebook and Instagram applications and how they dominate a large percentage of all traffic and monetisation benefits. Users suffer from the loss of healthy competition and are commoditised by big tech who are incentivised to harvest their user's data.



Starting with the pilot application “Space Explorers”, the Bozzi ecosystem has a goal to have a wide diverse ecosystem of apps. Bozzi provides applications with a way to provide meaningful incentives to their users, which drives both users and usage in return.


Applications are faced with the challenge of putting up paywalls or flooding their users with adverts which interrupt the user's immersive experience. $bozzi incentives enable apps to offer real value rewards for engagement and incentivise users to engage with third-party advertising, voluntarily, without having to push it on them.

The Bozzi Ecosystem aims to restore fairness to the third-party application monetisation space through a hybrid monetization model that combines crypto and fiat revenue generation. The pilot app Space Explorers gamifies learning and will use $bozzi to enable users to earn Robux Gift Cards.  These are a high-demand item for kids who love playing Roblox games.


Ecosystem participants will 1000's of gift cards to choose from. This will enable them to optimise incentives around their particular audience.

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