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Welcome to Bozzi

Think big, think bigger

The Bozzi Network

The Bozzi Network will enable any application large or small to address the imbalance of power and revenue distribution caused by tech giants like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

The future of commerce lies in the intersection of Web3 and traditional monetization, Bozzi enables apps to embrace this shift and thrive in the new economy 

The Aim

The Bozzi Network aims to restore fairness to the third party application monetisation space through a hybrid monetization model that combines crypto and fiat revenue generation, and engaging user rewards

The Pilot

Apps earn and buy $bozzi.png

The first application on the network is an existing gamified learning application which will participate in the development of, and integrate the $bozzi Revenue Engine. The application has extensive positive reviews and has featured in local British press. The application is currently being rebranded and will be revealed in due course. The Bozzi Network is app and content agnostic and the proof of concept application will also demonstrate how the revenue engine can be utilized in a child friendly way with any optional fiat revenue participation being ring fenced in a locked parent area.

The White Paper

The Bozzi Network White Paper explains how Bozzi is designed around the understanding that incentives drive actions

The Roadmap

Bozzi Roadmap.png

The Bozzi roadmap runs from Nov '23 through Nov '24

How to buy

$bozz is trading on pancakeswap with a USDC pair. Connect with Metamask or TrustWallet and use the above contract address

What to buy

$bozzi will be issued on a new blockchain in due course as per the white paper. Until such time $bozz is trading on BNB Chain, $bozz holders will receive $bozzi 1:1 when $bozzi is issued

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