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Community Governance Team Charter 

The Community Governance Team (CGT) of the Bozzi Ecosystem is dedicated to fostering a thriving, decentralized, and inclusive environment. This charter outlines the guiding principles and commitments of the CGT to ensure effective governance, community engagement, and the long-term success of the ecosystem.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Community Governance Team is to advance the health, success, and viability of the Bozzi Ecosystem through transparent, inclusive, and prudent governance practices.

We are committed to transitioning towards a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure, empowering community members, and ensuring sustainable growth.

Transition to DAO Structure

  • To move towards a fully decentralized governance model.


  • Develop and implement a clear roadmap for the transition.

  • Engage with experts and the community to research solutions on Solana and or design a robust DAO framework.

  • In the interim explore how a temporary DAO like framework can be set up to facilitate community proposals and yes/no/ IDK votes by sending 1$bozzi to wallet addresses A,B or C.

  • Regularly update the community on progress and milestones.

Prudent Actions on Behalf of the Ecosystem Community


  • To act responsibly and in the best interests of the community.


  • Make decisions based on thorough research, risk assessment, and community input.

  • Ensure financial prudence in managing ecosystem resources.

  • Promote ethical standards and practices within the ecosystem.

Policy of Openness and Transparency

  • To maintain open and transparent governance processes.


  • Publicly share meeting agendas, minutes, and decisions.

  • Provide regular updates and reports on the state of the ecosystem.

  • Facilitate open channels for community feedback and discussions.

  • Communicate openly about any CGT member appointment or removal.

  • All CGT mult-sig wallet public wallet addresses to be shared immediately on the website tokenomics dashboard for full transparency.

  • Clear explanation and criteria of when and how any funds in CGT-administered wallets can or will be moved. 

Advancement of Ecosystem Health, Success, and Viability


  • To ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the Bozzi Ecosystem.


  • Invest in initiatives that promote innovation and development within the ecosystem.

  • Support community-driven projects and collaborations.

  • Monitor and address potential challenges and threats to the ecosystem.

Creating Opportunities for Increasing Community Involvement


  • To foster a vibrant and engaged community.


  • Encourage active participation through governance proposals and voting.

  • Organize regular community events, workshops, and forums.

  • Develop programs and incentives for community contributions and leadership.

Governance Structure


  • Community Governance Team is responsible for the stewardship of the ecosystem and acting on behalf of and in the best interests of the community and ecosystem.


  • Commitment to growing a panel of experts and community representatives providing guidance and oversight.

Working Groups:

  • Task-oriented teams focused on specific areas such as development, community engagement, and marketing.

  • All elements of ecosystem governance will move from the current stewardship role towards appointments by the community through the Bozzi Ecosystem DAO.

Accountability and Review

Regular Audits:

  • Conduct periodic audits of the governance process and financial management.

  • All Bozzi resources are subject to a multi-sig protocol using

Performance Metrics:

  • Establish and track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success and impact.

Community Feedback:

  • Implement a feedback loop to continuously improve governance based on community input.


The Community Governance Team is committed to building a resilient, transparent, and inclusive Bozzi Ecosystem. By adhering to the principles outlined in this charter, we aim to empower our community, ensure prudent governance, and pave the way for a successful transition to a DAO structure. Together, we will work towards a sustainable and prosperous future for all members of the Bozzi Ecosystem.

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