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Space Explorers 

Space Explorers App
Space Explorers App

Space Explorers will be the first application in the Bozzi Ecosystem. Space Explorers is a fully independent team who have decided to build with $bozzi. The app is live on the App Store and is going through Play Store approvals right now. The team are still making changes to the application which includes moving from a pay-to-play model to a free incentivised engagement model underpinned by using $bozzi. 


Multiply Music is an award-winning in-person maths and music school in the United Kingdom. They will be using their resources and reach to promote Space Explorers.









The team originally pursued a vision of selling the application to schools and using a pay-to-play direct-to-consumer model. What they found was that school teachers are time-poor with limited access to resources and parents have varying degrees of resources. After finding market validation with kids and parents alike, the Space Explorers team are really excited about making the application free to everyone and rolling out the $bozzi underpinned user experience.

Please note that $bozzi is not yet integrated into the user experience flow. The team welcomes user feedback, bug reporting and input. 


Please send feedback to

Multiple Music

So why would a kid want to use Space Explorers?

They already have and love it! The teams feedback from their students at Multiply Music, reviews from schools and feedback on the apps stores show this. Where it gets exciting is that through $bozzi integration what used to be restricted to paying customers is now available to everyone. And not only that, the idea of being incentivised to earn a $robux Gift Card through playing has been met with a resounding thumbs up in user feedback sessions with kids and parents alike.

How do kids enagage with the revenue module?

They won't. The application will demonstrate to future apps in the ecosystem how parent-only areas dedicated to unlocking rewards for their kids can be integrated into user flows. The incentive for parents is to see their kids engaging with learning and to save money. Through engaging with learning the kids will see their Gift Card Powerbar being topped up and will be able to unlock parent earns. The parent will then be able to see their kids progress and complete an earn topping up the power bar further. The parent will also be responsible for approving in-app purchases of Gift Card Powerbar top-ups.

You can download Space Explorers right now.

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The Space Explorers Team

Space Explorers gamifies learning and will use $bozzi to enable users to earn Robux Gift Cards which are a high-demand item for kids who love playing Roblox games.

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