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Rocket launch

01 - Completed

Launch on Solana

$bozzi has launched on Solana. The project is community governed with no founder rewards. There is an allocation for VC investment which if utilised and not burned will be used towards the development and marketing of the ecosystem.


Pilot app live with $bozzi

Space Explorers will be the first project in the Bozzi Ecosystem.  The app is already built with $bozzi monetisation in the process of being added. Go live will happen with $bozzi subsidised gift cards integrated into the app user experience.

planet in among the stars
Portrait with Megaphone


PR and Marketing launch

This phase will see the introduction of monthly AMA's and the execution of a  strategic marketing roadmap guided by our community governance team go to market expert.


Launch of Meme Project

A fun engaging meme-coin will be launched. It will participate in the ecosystem and be a meme with utility. We call it "meme-ility". You have no idea just how game-changing this app will be, and the benefits it will bring to the $bozzi as a participant in the ecosystem. Holders of $bozzi will benefit from an airdrop of the token and will also be able to earn the token through staking $bozzi.

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Using a Touch Phone


Fiat revenue module

This module will enable ecosystem apps to easily provide earn opportunities in a designated area in their applications. The revenue from this module will be enhanced through economies of scale and the Ecosystem will benefit from a percentage of this income which will be used to purchase $bozzi to top up the app rewards pool. 


$bozzi staking

Holders of $bozzi including ecosystem apps will be able to stake $bozzi and earn rewards - these will be paid out in the ecosystem utility meme coin.

Fibre Optics


On-chain features

Apps can benefit immediately from $bozzi without any technical integration required. To participate apps simply need to use the Bozzi gift card portal and when ready - the fiat revenue module. Multiple on-chain features will be added including user wallets and the ability to purchase $bozzi in-app. The timing of these features are somewhat contingent on app store rules and regulatory considerations.


New participants in ecosystem

The community governance team along with the community will work to introduce and integrate new applications into the Bozzi Ecosystem.

Social network concept
Image by Javier Allegue Barros


Future roadmap plans

The Bozzi Net Demand Ecosystem is designed to last. Through bear or bull markets, users of applications will continue to provide demand for compelling incentivised user experiences. From DAO feature rollout to additional monetisation possibilities, the road ahead looks good.

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