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Community Governance Team

The community governance team are tasked with acting on behalf of the Bozzi Ecosystem community. As the ecosystem matures the process of appointing the team will fall under a DAO like process where holders of $bozzi will be able to propose and vote on changes to the ecosystem and the team itself.


The team will ideally consists of 5 - 7 members and will work with the wider community to harness skills and contributions so that together we can make the ecosystem a lasting success.

Meet the Space Explorers Team

The Space Explorers Team have chosen to incorporate $bozzi into their application. They are the first app in what will be the Bozzi Ecosystem. Space Explorers gamifies learning and will use $bozzi to enable users to earn Robux Giftcards which are a high-demand item for kids who love playing Roblox games.

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